Fibromyalgia Treatment in Santa Monica, CA

Fibromyalgia can turn simple tasks into insurmountable challenges. Whether it is you or a loved one who suffers, we advise looking into medical marijuana for fibromyalgia. If you live in Santa Monica, Los Angeles, or the nearby areas, we invite you to learn more about how medical marijuana can help.

Fibromyalgia Treatment in Santa Monica, CAWhat is Fibromyalgia?

You may not know of fibromyalgia but it is quite common among women. In the U.S. alone, 5 million adults experience fibromyalgia. Out of those, between 80 to 90 percent of patients are women. It makes life extremely uncomfortable since it causes constant bodily pain and mental distress. Medical marijuana for Fibromyalgia can bring much-needed relief to patients who suffer from this disease.

What Are the Symptoms of Fibromyalgia?

Certain parts of our body are highly sensitive to pressure, called areas of tenderness. Medical marijuana for fibromyalgia can help reduce the pain in such areas.

People with fibromyalgia say the pain they experience is like a constant, dull ache. Have you felt something similar? Check and see if the ache has been around for at least three months or more. If it has, a visit to your doctor may be due.

Besides the pain, fibromyalgia also causes:

  • Exhaustion
  • Sleeping trouble
  • Anxiety
  • Sleep failing to make one feel rested
  • Headaches
  • Inattentiveness
  • Depression

How Much Does Fibromyalgia Treatment Cost?

The cost of treatment with medical marijuana for fibromyalgia will vary from patient to patient. This treatment cost is estimated to be $100 to $200 per month. This cost may increase based on the amount of treatment needed. Each patient has a unique medical history, and may present symptoms that don’t match those of the other patients. We can offer specific guidance during your visit to our facility. Rest assured that we bring you a more affordable treatment method.

Can Medical Marijuana Be Used for Fibromyalgia Treatment?

A study on fibromyalgia showed that 84% of participants used more than 30 mg of cannabis per month. Out of those people, 94% said that it brought relief from pain. A similar number said they were able to sleep better. Cannabis improved depression and anxiety, as well. Above all, more than 70% of the people said they were able to work fine even after using cannabis. Not only will medical marijuana bring you relief from the pain fibromyalgia causes, but it will do so without making you high!

What Are the Benefits of Using Medical Marijuana for Fibromyalgia Treatment?

Anyone suffering from pain can find relief with medical marijuana for fibromyalgia. When a patient experiences a reduced intensity in their pain, life quality improves significantly.

Looking for detailed information on this treatment method? Contact us today. For those who live in Santa Monica, Los Angeles, our facility is always open for you. We are also available for a consult in Mid-City, Beverly Hills, and Venice.