Meet Mark Kurzman, MD
Medical Marijuana Doctor in Santa Monica, CA

Mark Kurzman, MD, combines his experience in family medicine and preventive care with a deep understanding of the unique therapeutic qualities of medical cannabis.

Growing up in New York with a fascination for biology and a passion for helping others, Dr. Kurzman’s dream was to be a doctor. To this day, Dr. Kurzman’s favorite part of his job is spending time with his patients, fostering the personal connections with them that ensure they get the best care possible.

Dr. Kurzman’s dream of a career in medicine took him to Haifa, Israel, where he received his medical degree from the Technion Israel Institute of Technology. After completing his residency in family medicine at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences AHEC-SW program in Texarkana, Arkansas, the globe-trotting Dr. Kurzman brought his experience to GreenBridge Medical in Santa Monica. His experience in family medicine, expertise in the area of medical cannabis, and his personal touch make him an excellent resource for his patients.