Our Practice

Are you located in Santa Monica? Do you live in Los Angeles? Mark Kurzman, MD provides an effective and affordable solution for many serious conditions. Contact us to learn more about our practice.

About Mark Kurzman, MD

Our practice opened its doors to the patients of Santa Monica and Los Angeles under the leadership of Dr. Kurzman. For those with a debilitating condition, such as chronic pain or anxiety, daily activities can be extremely challenging. Functioning at work or even leaving home to run errands can become difficult. If they do take medicine for their condition, the pills leave them unable to work, drive, and more.

Dr. Kurzman wanted to use his expertise in the field of medical marijuana to provide patients with safer, more effective, and more affordable options. He is also a general practitioner, which is why he can combine the beneficial effects of medical marijuana with traditional treatments.

Mark Kurzman, MD is well aware of the many misconceptions people have about medical marijuana. We are committed to clarifying how cannabis can help treat people without affecting their mental state.

Our Patients

Some of our patients find us through research of their own. Others are referred to us by their primary care physician. Regardless of how they arrive at Mark Kurzman, MD, patients from all walks of life and ages are welcome here.

We use medical cannabis to treat serious conditions that our patients may be facing, such as anxiety, seizures, migraines, chronic pain and cancer. Cannabis is replete with CBD, which is a non-psychoactive compound. When consumed, medical marijuana does not leave you high. Instead, it helps alleviate the pain or discomfort you may be feeling. You can go out or keep working even after you have taken your daily amount. The only difference you will notice is an improvement in your discomfort.

Why Dr. Mark Kurzman, MD?

Traditional methods of therapy may not always work for everyone. With Mark Kurzman, MD, you will discover that our solutions are aimed at the patients, not their conditions. We recommend a suitable ratio and the right method of administration for cannabis therapies for all our patients. We are also the best option for people who are unable to tolerate the side effects of current therapies that their doctors recommend for them. Medical cannabis is sufficiently effective in most cases. It provides patients with the relief they are seeking from their conditions—and all without the side effects.

Moreover, we also do phone, video and home visits and treat patients at other healthcare facilities. At Mark Kurzman, MD, you are our focus, not your condition.

Mark Kurzman, MD welcomes patients from Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Venice, Mid-City, and Beverly Hills to contact us today to learn more about our office and your options for medicinal marijuana treatment.