Patient Consults in Santa Monica, CA

At Mark Kurzman, MD, we place great importance on the relationship between a patient and their doctor. For that very reason, we offer several types of consultations, including home visits and virtual consultations, for those living in and around Santa Monica and Los Angeles.

Patient Consults in Santa Monica, CANew Patient Consultations

The purpose of this specific session type is to introduce a patient to medical marijuana therapy. Since about 80% of our patients are new to this method of treatment, they benefit quite a bit from these meetings. Understandably, they have questions about the effectiveness of medical marijuana against their condition, such as autism, insomnia, and cancer. They also want to know whether it will produce any side effects. These sessions help them find those answers.

Primary Care Consultations

Visiting Mark Kurzman, MD for the treatment of migraines and seizures becomes much more. Dr. Kurzman believes that he can help his patients get better by focusing on specific illnesses, as well as their overall health. He has a holistic approach to primary care.

Virtual Consultations

For out of town patients, Dr. Kurzman offers the option to carry out consultations via phone or video. His aim is to make it as easy as possible for patients to receive treatment no matter where they’re located. 

Home-Based Consultations

Dr. Kurzman provides home visits to all patients who request it. To provide us with a complete picture of your health and any issues you may have, we will require your medical history and records. During a home-based consultation, we review your case and medical condition. After the examination, we will provide you with a detailed treatment plan. Follow-up visits will ensure you continue to make progress.

Follow Up Appointments

Depending on your condition and treatment plan, we recommend follow-up appointments every 1 to 3 months. There are two reasons for follow-ups:

    1. After months of medical marijuana treatment, a patient’s condition may have improved or changed. Therefore, they may need a modified treatment plan.
    2. Even if there are no changes, we want to ensure patients are accurately following the recommended treatment plan.

Consultation Procedure

Regardless of the type of consultation, we follow this procedure at Mark Kurzman, MD:

    1. Initial consultation ($350 fee) – The consultation lasts for approximately and hour, during which the doctor will review your medical history, carry out an examination, and educate you about the use of medical cannabis in therapy. The patient leaves with a plan detailing the  ratio of medical cannabis to be taken and the method of administration.
    2. Follow-up consultations ($175 fee) – These consultations are useful because the doctor wants to know about the patient’s progress and allows them to modify treatment plans as needed.

Mark Kurzman, MD provides super bills that can be submitted to insurance carriers. Submission of the super bill could reimburse a patient for 40% of the cost of consultation!

People residing in Santa Monica, Mid-City and surrounding areas can sign up for a consult by contacting our office today. We are also available for people in Los Angeles, Venice, and Beverly Hills who want to learn more about how medical marijuana can help them.